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GLAD Tours a Tour Operator, located in Kerala,India (founded in 2003). We specialize in providing all kinds of travel-related services. We offer ready-made tours, or allow you to develop a customized tour based on your preferences. Also, we organize International & Domestic travel, car & coach rentals, Package tours, Hotel reservation services etc.Our activities are built on the high profile and dedication of our team members, who have already been present in the tourism business for decades. In our work, we put people's interests first and see the ultimate objective in sharing the pleasures of traveling and exploring new horizons with our clients.Our company focuses on new technologies, in particular, the Internet, to let the rest of the world know about Kerala as, in our opinion, a very attractive destination for many categories of tourists and travelers. A beautiful mix of spectacular historical monuments, peculiar traditions, lifestyle of indigenous people and the gorgeous natural settings offers you a nice opportunity to pick whatever might be suitable for you.
We are also keen to dispel the myth that traveling is expensive in this part of the world. It can be quite inexpensive if you choose efficient tour operator. Due to reduced internal costs, high professionalism of the staff, effective arrangements with local partners and the general client-friendly approach, we are able to offer very competitive prices and excellent service.
Our strategy is that we regard people as the center of our business. We endeavor to establish forthcoming and reciprocally beneficial relations with each and every our client using the motto "We are here to give you best experiences! Experience Kerala with GLAD TOURS."

****** The KEY Points of our Success ******

Service with a personal touch
From the moment you make your booking to the time you return from your holiday, you will benefit from our professional experience, friendly service and attention to detail. Our company has grown year on year but we have never lost track of what makes us successful. Our Managing Director still visits the resorts himself and personally chooses new small and friendly hotels and Resorts which he feels will best appeal to our reputed guests. This is a job which is far too important to be delegated to anyone else. Of course, he is not the only one who visits the properties. Close on his heels are our local managers who check every aspect related to the health and safety of new accommodation, then follows our brochure editor who ensures that the brochure description is as accurate as possible and then come our staff to make sure that they are all familiar with new additions before the season starts.
Our Accommodation - a home from home
As well as visiting all of the accommodation featured in this Website in person, our Managing Director also monitors guests reports throughout the year to ensure that our high standards for cleanliness, comfort, and friendly service are met. Where possible our accommodation is chosen for its traditional hospitality, and the personal touch which is part of our company philosophy. We work extremely closely with those hotels which we feature and consider their staff to be an integral part of our team, so we expect from them the same high standards of service as from our own staff. Last year, for the first time, we signed ‘Exclusivity’ contracts with some of our favourite hotels, which means that we are the only KERALA tour operator chosen to work with these hotels. This policy has proved to be popular. It guarantees you the most favourable prices and the highest standards of service, whilst enabling you to spend your holiday with like-minded individuals. If you don’t see the hotel of your choice featured on this site, please do ask. We can often provide you with an individual quotation.

Our most valuable asset - our resort team
Our reps are far more than just company representatives, they are your hosts in KERALA. You will find our team of English and German-speaking reps an invaluable source of local information and advice. They are carefully selected for their local knowledge, warm, friendly personalities and common sense. For many of our guests they become trusted friends and guides; other guests prefer to be more independent and our representatives will respect that too. We receive so many complimentary letters, emails and phone calls about our reps, many of whom have worked with GLAD Tours for many years, that we decided it was time to give them the recognition they deserve. We sincerely believe that the job they are doing is not just being a rep, but really acting as your host in resort, making sure that you feel that you are a guest, experiencing a taste of true Keralite hospitality.
Your safety comes first
On your arrival in Kerala you will be met at the airport by one of our representatives. They will do their utmost to ensure that you are transported to your accommodation as swiftly and as comfortably as possible. We take great care over your transfer arrangements to and from the airport – after all this is the first and last impression you will have of our services. This year we have invested in our own fleet of minibuses to make sure that wherever possible we have an absolute guarantee of the quality of the vehicles which we are using and the drivers who we employ, who are carefully selected and strictly controlled to ensure that they do not work longer hours than the maximum recommended for driving. Your safety and comfort always come first. You will always be accompanied by a representative, usually in a minibus (sometimes a coach) and it will always be air - conditioned. If you prefer we can organise a private transfer for you to make your holiday extra special. Please ask our reservations team for details.